What’s new?

Milk continually develops new features to provide maximum benefits to users

Coming in February 2020

  • NEW messaging feature: Ability for teachers to 2-way message parents without students knowing
  • iOS app update (screen view enhancement for iPhone X)

Delivered in January 2020

  • Ability for Administrators to generate school timetable in Milk under ‘settings’ when MIS import is not fully supported
  • Students and parents receive push notification reminder to complete homework task the day before it is due

Delivered in December 2019:

  • Improved view of last user activity in student profile
  • Ability to message and set homework for ‘House Groups’

Delivered in November 2019:

  • Ability to view Homework tasks set by teachers under their staff profiles
  • ‘Appointments’ viewing pane in student and staff profiles

Delivered in October 2019:

  • Administrators can now view message analytics to see the percentage of messages read by students and parents
  • Viewing pane of all messages and conversations of all users
  • Ability to see exact time of last activity by student and parent on Milk
  • Ability to download login reports of all users
  • Ability to upload Achievement/Behaviour points data into Milk, if school Management Information System API does not support integration

Delivered in August 2019:

  • Students and Parents will be able to reply to teacher messages
  • Teacher ability to see if parents have opened messages and read homework
  • Mobile app update Version 1.8
  • Ability to format homework task and message text
  • Ability to print file attachments and text directly from Milk mobile app and portal
  • Copy original file attachment character string designation
  • Brand new appointment scheduling feature – set detentions, revision sessions or UCAS appointments and Milk will automatically remind students to attend
  • New faster and easier homework layout for teachers – being able to record a class’ homework across the year on one page
  • Ability for teachers to add feedback on Homework tasks from a quick and easy dropdown list, e.g., ‘Outstanding’, ‘Needs Improvement’

Delivered in June 2019

  • Data integration with school MIS/SIS via Wonde
  • Ability to add multiple ‘classes’ and ‘year groups’ to ‘Create a Group’.
  • Message cloning, selecting multiple classes and year groups to form ‘Groups’ and viewing messages a teacher has sent
  • Ability to select more than one ‘Group’ when setting homework
  • Modified colour coding on Assessment data display to better showcase the achievement of A grade students
  • Improved format of Assessment data downloadable excel spreadsheet
  • ‘Homework summary’ view of past, current and outstanding task per student

Delivered in May 2019

  • Ability set a future date when homework will be posted
  • Ability to select more than one class when setting homework
  • Ability to ‘favourite’ homework tasks and clone them for use with other classes
  • School are able to upgrade/downgrade its staff to ‘Administrator’
  • Ability for teacher to share homework task appointment with multiple teacher
  • Ability for Students and Parents to Download assessment data within portal
  • Queue and delay push notifications for homework/ messages to be sent only between 7am and 8pm