SLT Testimonials


Vivien Sharples

Principal, The Pingle Academy

Milk is a fantastic communication system for students, teachers, parents and carers. Teachers and students have remarked how it is invaluable for homework and home learning, particularly during the COVID-19 lockdown. Milk has provided us with a fail-safe system to get messages to our families and students with a much higher access rate than normal email. The features on Milk mean we are able to focus resources on those who need support and intervention the most.

Ann Price

Business Manager, Newent Community School; Chair of Gloucestershire Association of School Business Management

Milk is a simple, clear and totally effective system for managing homework and sending communication home. The implementation was well managed and supported. The support is second to none with every question answered quickly and completely. I would recommend the system 100%

Stephen Brown

Deputy Head Teacher, Bourne Grammar School

I like the product a great deal and would be reluctant to go back to a paper-based system. I praise the simplistic user interface and the fact Milk essentially solves two problems (messaging and homework) very well indeed. The lack of a need to provide extensive training to use the product is also an area I am extremely positive about.