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Milk was created in 2013 by a UK classroom teacher and an award winning app designer. Our service aims are to:

  • Help schools to reduce costs and ensure staff consistency
  • Reduce workloads for classroom teachers
  • Drive student achievement and enable support from parents

HDC (msp) Ltd is licensed to sell Milk Student Planner System to schools.

Team Members - Milk Student Planner System

Positive Way Forward

“79% of parents have said that MILK has been a positive way forward and 74% have said it makes it easier to understand the homework”

Newent Community School parent survey January 2017

Student Improvement

Other studies have shown Milk can improve student lateness by 87% and homework submission by 44%.


There’s also net financial savings on offer in the region of £8500 a year on paper planners, texting services and photocopying if using Milk’s messaging features and file uploads.