Benefits to schools of choosing Milk

Positive Way Forward

“79% of parents have said that MILK has been a positive way forward and 74% have said it makes it easier to understand the homework”

Newent Community School (UK) parent survey January 2017

Student Improvement

UK school pilot study has shown Milk to improve student lateness by 87% and homework submission by 44%.


Average UK high schools will save in the region of £7500 a year on paper planners, texting services and photocopying if using Milk’s messaging features and file uploads.

Milk (More Independent Learning Kids) is a software application developed and sold by Milk Student Planner System Ltd, a British EdTech company founded by a high school teacher.

We strive to improve learner effectiveness by tightening the trinity of teacher, student and parent with better access to student-centric data, shared accountability and less arduous administration for teachers.