Milk Lite offers partial integration with school MIS, e.g., SEEMIS

Milk Lite

Our Standalone Version

Milk ‘Lite’ is our “standalone” system offering manually imported class data. Compatible with any school system, Milk ‘Lite’ provides schools with the same powerful homework and messaging features as Milk Student Planner System except for its student achievement dashboard.

Milk Images 10 - Online Milk Student Planner System & Homework Diary

Key Features

Upload class list, create customer groups and add students easily
Single sign-on available
Parent/Student app iOS/Android
Upload worksheets, insert hyperlinks
Confirm homework read
Student indicates completed
Record homework submissions

Who can use it?

Just about any school, anywhere around the world.  Scottish schools dependent on SEEMIS can now enjoy Milk Lite; an effective, simple and slick digital homework diary, with student and mobile access and unlimited free messaging.

What does it include?

Milk Lite includes media and file uploads, homework setting, tracking and analytics and student and parent messaging according to individual student, class, year group or whole school.

What’s not included?

Milk Lite cannot provide access to attendance and punctuality, achievement and behaviour and colour-coded subject progress reports. But, the flexibility to add and manage your own subject progress data, without syncing to your school’s MIS, is coming soon.

Video Tour

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Milk really can save you Time & Money

Yes, Milk really can save you time and money. Teacher workload crisis?
Milk can save a teacher 2 hours a week! Milk can save your school thousands too, with all the extra money saved, why not put money back into your school budget.

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Time Saving Example

Teachers spend at least 5 minutes for every lesson they teach on any of the following:

  • Chasing students
  • Compiling messages for registers
  • Duplicating assessment data
  • Gathering evidence
  • Enforcing homework
  • Liaising with parents.

Considering the average full-time teacher teaches 22 lessons a week, that’s 110 extra minutes of work every week that we can save you from.

For a high school with 60 teachers, that’s 4400 man hours every school year, that can be saved using Milk.

Cost Saving Example

Over a year, the average UK high school has 900 students and spends £0.008 per A4 side on copy and print.

Setting homework for every child, across 8 subjects, over the school year, can easily cost £4600 in photocopying. Assuming a school posts 9 newsletters via second-class mail to 600 parent addresses over the year, and also uses a parent messaging service:

  • Print and copy costs: £4600
  • Paper planners: £2000
  • 2nd class postage: £2300
  • Text/email service: £1000
  • Total Annual Cost: £9900
  • Milk annual cost*: £1000
So Milk Saves £8900!

*Annual cost on 3 year agreement


Consistent and all-inclusive

Our transparent, consistent and pricing includes installation, support and training.

We won’t tell you our software is easy to use, then charge you for staff training.

No hidden extras and a 30 day money back guarantee as standard.

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Secondary/High School (ages 11-19)

Choose one of our plans depending on the size of your school.

1 Year Plan


per annum

Over 500 Students

2 Year Plan


per annum

Over 500 Students

3 Year Plan


per annum

Over 500 Students

1 Year Plan


per annum

Under 500 Students

2 Year Plan


per annum

Under 500 Students

3 Year Plan


per annum

Under 500 Students


Why take our word for it?

Here at Milk we pride ourselves on our reputation and relationship with our customers. We strive to achieve customer satisfaction.

Milk-12 - Milk Student Planner System
Newent Community School2016 Survey Results

“79% of parents have said that Milk has been a positive way forward and 74% have said it makes it easier to understand the homework”

Parent Review of MilkGoogle Play

“My kids hate how much I now know, this [Milk] is brilliant.”

Taylor MorrisParent and Milk User

“Really useful, [Milk] tells me everything about my kid's homework.”

Nicola FoakesParent and Milk User

“Every school should get this [Milk] for their students. It's really helpful knowing my child's lessons each week, plus you get notified about their homework! No escaping it kids!”

Georgina EllisStudent and Milk User

“I find it [Milk] useful because I can see how many behaviour points and achievement points I have from school, also it shows you your attendance [100 percent!].”

Chris Garrett, IT ManagerThe Marches Academy Trust

“The system [Milk] is so intuitive to use, that by simply exploring the website, you should have a good grasp of the system within minutes.”

Katie RoweStudent and Milk User

“Fantastic, very useful app [Milk]. Easy to use and informative, at your fingertips.”

Adrian EschSLT & Teacher at Hans Price Academy

“Milk is an affordable option which gives more than just what homework you have to complete. Students feel more in charge of their data.”

Ann PriceNewent Community School

“Milk is a simple, clear and totally effective system for managing homework and sending communication home. The implementation was well managed and supported. The support function is second to none with every question answered quickly and completely. I would recommend the system 100%.”

Kevin SmithDHT (Development Trial Leader)

“Most products we’ve introduced to our school have come close, whereas everything Milk does from the perspective of our staff, our students and their parents, is spot-on!”

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