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Go digital in 24 hours (even during lockdown)

Eliminating barriers during and after lockdown

We understand that during these uncertain times, teachers and pupils alike are facing barriers that we have never seen before.  If you’re an isolated teacher who is feeling at their wit’s end, don’t worry – you’re not alone!

Teachers around the world are facing the same stresses and challenges right now, from having to adapt carefully thought out and engaging classroom lessons to suit home learning, to trying to keep track of offsite student progress, to most importantly, having to communicate with all students in the classes you teach, including their parents.

Face-to-face interactions are not practical right now and with everyone’s mailbox currently being bombarded with email marketing, we’re all finding important school related messages we send can easily slip through the cracks. What can we do to bridge the communication and learning gap, not just during these uncertain times, but also to ensure we are better prepared for the future?

Milk is a remote school and home learning solution

Introducing Milk...

An offsite/onsite learning and communication platform combining schoolwork management, achievement tracking and student/parent communication in a nice easy to use all-in-one platform. 

Proven to reduce teacher workload by 2hrs per week and save schools on average £8,000 per year. All this can be adopted and rolled out at your school within just 24hrs, even during lockdown!

  • Quickly and easily assign and receive schoolwork/homework remotely
  • Boost student, parent, teacher synergy for better learning outcomes
  • Better reporting and data visibility to improve performance
  • Seamless integration with leading school Management Information Systems

Together, let’s eliminate barriers during the lockdown and streamline for the future!

One system that does it all...

Stay Connected with Students and Parents

  • One-way broadcasts – In just 1 click, message your class, groups and/or individual students and parents – perfect for sending school closure updates, attaching newsletters and more!
  • 2-way chat messaging – Quick and easy, teachers can answer questions remotely
  • Push notifications – Instant alerts sent straight to your recipient’s device, no more missing emails buried under more emails;  students and parents are prompted to read your message during sociable hours (7am – 8pm)
  • Send & open tracking – See the exact time and date when students and parents have read your messages
  • Save time and money – No more posting hundreds of letters or photocopying class batches of worksheets, you can now simply send documents with this all-in-one easy to use platform

Set, Track and Receive Assignments, Remotely

  • Assign school works & homework remotely – Make setting and receiving schoolwork and homework tasks easier by scheduling when tasks are set, in-platform collection and recycling your favourites to use for other classes
  • Track student and parent activity – Know which students and parents have read homework tasks and which have submitted their assignments through the platform
  • Feedback & performance – Mark submitted work with easy feedback, which instantly updates students and parents
  • Works with split timetables and shared classes – Supports 10-day and 5-day timetables and allows you to share homework collection duty with any co-teacher
  • Reduce your carbon footprint – Save trees with our fully digital paperless system
  • Digital student planner solution – No more excuses about lost or unused planners

Fast Reporting

  • Schoolwork/Homework reports – Customise your reports with filters including EAL, SEN, FSM, Year Group, etc., to help you analyse performance of specific cohorts
  • Visibility on issues, submissions & student feedback – Easy dashboard reports compare teachers, subjects and year groups
  • Track student and parent engagement – Monitor your school’s student and parent message open rates
  • Activity tracking – Complete visibility of when staff, students and parents were last active

Set Appointments and Meetings

  • Virtual classroom – Invite students to attend virtual lessons whilst setting attendance requirements (i.e., compulsory or optional)
  • Parent catch-ups – Getting in contact with parents and boosting engagement has never been easier
  • Never miss an appointment/meeting – Instant push notifications to any device for students and parents of any new and upcoming meetings during social hours (7am – 8pm)

Don't just take our word for it...

“Milk is a simple, clear and totally effective system for managing homework and sending communication home. The implementation was well managed and supported. The support is second to none with every question answered quickly and completely. I would recommend the system 100%.”

Ann Price, Business Manager, Newent Community School; Chair of Gloucestershire Association of School Business Management

“It’s a fabulous communication system for students and also for parents and carers. It is really useful for homework and home learning as all work set is visible to parents and carers too. This has provided a fail safe system to get messages to our families, having a much higher access rate than normal email systems. It is extremely useful for us to be able to see when messages and work have been picked up so we can focus on those who need our support and intervention. It’s an invaluable tool for staff. Your determination to add capacity in order to meet demand to help us all through the current (COVID-19) situation was greatly appreciated.”

Vivien Sharples, Principal, The Pingle Academy

“I’d be reluctant to go back to a paper-based system. I praise the simplistic user interface and the fact Milk essentially solves two problems (messaging and homework) very well indeed. The lack of a need to provide extensive training to use the product is also an area I am extremely positive about.”

Stephen Brown, Deputy Head Teacher, Bourne Grammar School

Milk integrates with these leading school MIS


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