Keep calm and carry on

We understand that it is a very busy time in schools currently due to the ongoing uncertainty around COVID-19. We are working hard to ensure that we continue to deliver the best possible service and support to our schools during this difficult time and we want you to know we are here to help. We are contactable like normal should you require any help with your system. Our school staff support team can be reached on 44 (0)1379 407272  or you can send an email to  To help schools prepare for closures and ensure our platform maintains its high performance due this time of peak demand, we are monitoring and upgrading our servers continually.  Please visit our API Status page and Service Alerts page, should you encounter any performance issues.  We will keep you fully updated of future developments, as they become relevant. Thank you for your continued support.

Emergency offer to schools closing due to COVID-19 pandemic

At Milk, we don’t believe in adding drama to a crisis, nor do we believe in profiting from people’s fears.  What we do believe in is helping educators and students succeed in all situations.  To this end, we will support any school preparing for a closure by providing access to Milk’s remote school and home learning platform on our monthly subscription plans, with no initial fee payable and you may cancel at anytime.

If your school is preparing to close in response to the coronavirus pandemic, Milk can provide your school staff with an excellent off-site remote school and home learning solution to communicate with classes and parents and set and monitor school work.  We recommend that you implement any remote learning and communication system NOW, to ensure you are ready for a closure event.  Please contact us for more details and stay safe!

See monthly subscription fees

Key Terms and Conditions

  • This offer is for Secondary schools and colleges with a commercial MIS system that is supported by Wonde. It is not for parents or students directly.
  • Access is from today until 30th June 2020 (Subject to our Terms and Conditions).
  • You must have your student and parent data in a commercial MIS system (so that we can easily import it), please refer to our list of supported MIS/SIS.
  • Free support is included.
  • We will ask that you pay the monthly subscription fee, but there will be no initial subscription fee payable (as per clause 5.2 of Monthly Agreement terms and conditions).
  • This offer supersedes any other offers previously published across all media.

Milk is a fabulous communication system for students and also for parents and carers. It is really useful for homework and home learning as all work set is visible to parents and carers too. This has provided a fail safe system to get messages to our families, having a much higher access rate than normal email systems. It is extremely useful for us to be able to see when messages and work have been picked up so we can focus on those who need our support and intervention. It’s an invaluable tool for staff.

Your determination to add capacity in order to meet demand to help us all through the current situation was greatly appreciated.

Vivien Sharples

Principal at The Pingle Academy