Case Study: Rushcroft Foundation School


With around 700 students and over 70 teachers, the case study at Rushcroft Foundation School revealed many positive impacts from using Milk.

Improvement in Timely Homework


Punctuality Soared By


Amongst Milk users there was a 44% improvement in timely homework submission and punctuality soared by 87%.

The benefits to staff workload and department photocopying budgets were immediately evident.

Students and parents also expressed their satisfaction with using Milk. Parents enjoyed having access to their child’s attendance, behaviour and assessment data and were reassured by seeing what homework tasks were set and completed by their child.

Milk’s mission is to deliver what school stakeholders need, whilst remaining true to its core values of simplicity and making school life easier.

Missed assignments or lateness to college is addressed immediately thanks to Milk and the resulting positive impact on students meeting their deadlines has been immediate.

K Smith, Assistant Head Rushcroft Foundation School, Essex

Milk offers me speed, constant access and huge savings in my department’s photocopying budget. It’s so easy to use and most students are now using Milk for their homework.

S JaggsHead of Faculty Languages & History Rushcroft Foundation School, Essex

Milk is so easy to use and is great for recording homework. It also reminds me what tasks I’ve set my classes and has so much potential to cut down on missing homework.

C PerrySubject Lead (Humanities)

I like Milk because it helps me keep track of my homework and I like being able to check my attendance and progress too.

Year 9 StudentRushcroft Foundation School
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