Can I remove past homework from view?

A recent frequently asked questions from customers, “Is there a way to remove homework from the list, once it is completed?”

A teacher can ‘delete assignment’ to remove a past completed homework from the list of all homework within Milk.  However, using ‘delete assignment’ also removes the homework task from the student and class record within Milk Analytics.

In response to feedback from teachers,  we are working on a homework archiving system that does not remove the homework from the record and the analytics, but will hide completed tasks from plain view.

From a student and parent perspective, it is very important that teachers mark the homework as ‘received’ or ‘received late’, ‘pardoned’ or ‘cancelled’ for every student in a class.  This will remove the homework task from the ‘current’ list that students and parents see by default within the Milk web portal.

From a teacher perspective, the same principle will soon be applied to remove past homework tasks, no longer of going concern, from the teacher’s ‘current’ view list.

Stay tuned for more updates on this and many more feature enhancements coming shortly.