BETT 2017: Free yearbook!

Visit us at BETT, stand B325 for a chance to win a free yearbook!

More functionality. More power. More than a homework diary.

App Interactions
Web Portal Interactions
Savings on Average

Designed by a teacher, Milk Student Planner System can save teachers 2 hours a week!

Good news considering a recent Guardian Teacher Network survey of 4450 teachers, found 82% describe their workload as “unmanageable”.

Schools are valuing Milk’s uniquely powerful and simple-to-use offering, reporting Milk as their most readily adopted system with 260,000 App interactions and 56,000 web portal interactions per month, per school.

We can also show business managers how to save on average £8500pa while using Milk’s messaging features, file uploads, student achievement dashboard, homework analytics and MIS integration.

Come and visit us at BETT, stand B325 and book your webinar demonstration for a chance to win a free year 11 yearbook for your high school.