Adding new users to Milk

Experience has proved that nearly all missing users within Milk are due to:

  • new starters or contacts changing in SIMS since the previous activation of Milk
  • the spreadsheet containing all user logins, provided by Milk Tech Support Team, has been lost by an administrator at the school

Take care of your activation logins spreadsheet, it’s designed to be used only once.

We cannot re-supply login details without having to reset all the passwords again so it’s very important that user passwords are handled and distributed with care. After all, you don’t want to have to reset over 2000 login passwords to cater for just 30 user passwords that have been lost!

It’s also vital for all users to log in to Milk as soon as they receive their generated passwords.

They will then be prompted on first sign-in to change their password to something easier to use and can enter an email address to be used in lieu of their Milk ID.


Milk has been activated at your school at the start of term and then 2 weeks later, a handful of students enrol at your school and are added to SIMS or Bromcom.

What happens if a school wants to add new users?

When new students or staff are added to your school’s MIS, Milk will be sent their details. This typically occurs overnight on a daily basis when the data is synchronised.

Once Milk has received information about a new user, it will automatically create a Milk account for them.  These new, but ‘inactive’ Milk accounts are listed within the ‘New users’ page for users with administrator access.

Before new accounts can be used, they have to be ‘activated’. Activation creates a temporary password for each Milk account. As explained above, first time generated passwords are designed to be used only once for each new account – so please don’t lose them!

The activation process also generates a spreadsheet (CSV file) which can be used to distribute logins to staff, students and parents.

Once an account has been activated, it will disappear from the list under the headings ‘New inactive staff accounts’ and ‘New inactive student accounts within the ‘New users’ page.

At present, Milk Support Team will need to trigger the activation process on your behalf.  This will soon change so that administrators will be able to run the process for themselves from within the ‘New users’ page, then download the account details directly.

Until this facility is available, please send us a support request with the heading ‘Activate new accounts’, whenever you would like to add new users to Milk.

Important: We cannot activate specific accounts – the process is completely automated and any new (and valid) accounts will be activated and sent to you on request.

Stay tuned for more updates on this and many more feature enhancements coming shortly.

This article was updated on 28 September 2016.


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