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Unifying the educational trinity of teacher, student and parent using student-centric data, fairer accountability for everyone and less administration for teachers.

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This video was made to inform school and college leadership about our service. We recommend education leaders watch the entire video and share it with colleagues. The video enables teachers to review our system in their own time. If you have watched our video and want to buy Milk, you can purchase Milk online using our Quote page or if you have any questions, go to Get in touch and complete the form.  To speak with an adviser call +44 (0)1379 407272.

Boost homework submission by 44%

Elegant features that everyone will use

  • Set homework from anywhere using Milk web portal
  • Archive, favourite and recycle homework tasks
  • Share homework task supervision with other teaching staff (great for split classes)
  • Preset homework tasks using future release dates
  • Know which students have acted on homework tasks and receive feedback
  • Check if parents have seen the homework too
  • Provide homework feedback at the click of a mouse
  • Upload any type of file, insert hyperlinks and format homework tasks as desired
  • Stop wasting school budget on paper planners hardly get used
  • Boost homework submission by 44% (pilot study 2015)
  • 79% of parents said Milk has been a positive way forward*
  • 74% of parents said Milk makes it easier to understand homework*
(*customer survey 2017)

Better communication for better engagement

Milk’s student and parent messaging system included at no extra cost

  • Know the exact time and date a student or parent has read your message
  • Enable students and parents to reply to your messages via Milk
  • Attach any type of file to your messages
  • Reduce school postage and photocopying costs
  • Push notifications instantly prompt students and parents, during sociable hours

Milk Achievement Dashboard (MAD)

Flipped learning needs flipped accountability

  • Soft-skill/intervention targets
  • Attendance/punctuality display
  • Achievement/behaviour points display
  • Easy to read subject progress snapshot with written reports
  • Improve student punctuality by 87% (pilot study 2015)
  • Integrates with leading school MIS/SIS

Teacher workloads today are quite literally MAD, but Milk eases the administrative burden with its Achievement Dashboard.  If students (and parents) can see it – they can improve it.

User Analytics

Fact: everyone is using Milk (you can prove it)

  • See which staff, students and parents use Milk
  • See when a user was last active on Milk and download user reports
  • Run fortnightly homework reports
  • Enjoy multiple report filters (e.g., EAL, SEN, FSM, Year Group, etc)
  • Compare student and parent message open rates
  • Overview homework and student ratings by teacher, subject and year group

Keeping an appointment with Milk

Perfect for notifying students of interview times (and detentions)

  • Invite students to attend meetings, interviews and detentions
  • Set attendance to ‘compulsory’ (detention) or ‘optional’ (UCAS meeting)
  • Reach any student, class, custom group, parent
  • Milk app prompts and reminds students they have appointments to attend
  • Push notifications instantly reach your students and parents

Administrator Power

Administrators now have greater control of Milk in their school

  • Promote and demote your own teaching staff to ‘Administrator’ status
  • View all User Analytics and download reports
  • Easily create all ‘New users’
  • Adjust school-wide user settings
  • Manually upload student and parent lists, timetables and behaviour without MIS integration
Student data imported from leading MIS via Wonde
Re-use past homework tasks and share collections with other teachers
Parent/Student app iOS/Android – print homework and attachments directly from within the app.
Upload any type of file, insert hyperlinks and format homework tasks as desired
Confirm which students and parents have viewed and actioned the homework task
Students indicate homework task completion and rate its difficulty
Record homework submissions using bulk select, instant homework feedback at the click of a mouse or provide custom written feedback
Automating teaching admin

We save teachers time

See our time saving example
We save schools money

Real net savings on offer

See our budget saving example

79% of parents have said that Milk has been a positive way forward and 74% have said it makes it easier to understand the homework

Newent Community School2016 Survey Results

My kids hate how much I now know, Milk is brilliant.

Parent Review of MilkGoogle Play

Really useful, Milk tells me everything about my kid's homework.

Taylor MorrisParent and Milk User

Every school should get Milk for their students. It's really helpful knowing my child's lessons each week, plus you get notified about their homework! No escaping it kids!

Nicola FoakesParent and Milk User

I find Milk useful because I can see how many behaviour points and achievement points I have from school, also it shows you your attendance [100 percent!].

Georgina EllisStudent and Milk User

Milk is so intuitive to use, that by simply exploring the website, you should have a good grasp of the system within minutes.

Chris Garratt, Director of HumanitiesThe Marches Academy

Fantastic, very useful app [Milk]. Easy to use and informative, at your fingertips.

Katie RoweStudent and Milk User

Milk is an affordable option which gives more than just what homework you have to complete. Students feel more in charge of their data.

Adrian EschSLT & Teacher at Hans Price Academy

Milk is a simple, clear and totally effective system for managing homework and sending communication home. The implementation was well managed and supported. The support function is second to none with every question answered quickly and completely. I would recommend the system 100%.

Ann PriceNewent Community School

Most products we’ve introduced to our school have come close, whereas everything Milk does from the perspective of our staff, our students and their parents, is spot-on!

Kevin SmithDHT (Development Trial Leader)

Whenever i get homework i get notified. its great, now i never get my homework done late. It is very helpful, but we should be able to notify teachers if we need help, just like a help button. other then that its fantastic.

Beccy Roberts

Been waiting for this for a long time!!! As a parent with a busy life trying to multitask with work, family & everyday life. I am able to get info about my child instantaneously without having to contact the school or teachers or receptionist all the time, wether their in lessons or I'm at this cuts out the middle man....& I can see my child's attendance, progress, detentions, homework if my child is not being open about their tasks in school, with this brilliant app there is no cutting corners.....your able to go direct to the source # Thoroughly happy parent!!!!

Parent review on Google Play

It's an amazing app, and is a great way to organise yourself; at the touch of a button, you have your timetable, your homework, and everything else that you could possibly need right here.

Luke White-CulfStudent

As a student who uses this app a lot for my homework, messages and timetable it's extremely usefull

James GammonStudent

It is so amazing and useful if you are ill from school as well.

Crazzz neve11Student

Great help with remembering my homework...then again maybe not so great😒

Brynn FrancombeStudent

Great app . Keeps me informed of what is going on at school..good or bad!

Lisa HerrettParent

Great app for being kept up to date with homework etc much better than the school planner book.

Nicky Duggan

Brilliant for helping me keep track of my homework and achievement points. Attendance is also displayed as well as teachers sending you messages. Your timetable can also be uploaded which is very helpful.

Professor 109Student

I used it for school homework and it is very useful to have an online way to check my homework ON MY PHONE or any other device with wifi.

William GracieStudent

It is a good app but it gives us homework so I rated it one less star.


I have found this app so useful for school. I recommend it for other schools.

Ben McCluskeyStudent

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All subscription fees shown are subject to VAT (20%) and include access for all students, parent and staff.